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Frequently Asked Questions About Auto Repair & Towing

Here at A1 Towing & Auto Repair, we welcome anyone who needs answers to their questions about towing and auto repair services. In an effort to better serve our customers, our team has taken the time to put together this short collection and answers to some of the more commonly asked questions we receive in hopes that they will be useful to you and help you find the answers you need in a timely fashion.

  • Q. Should I Repair Or Replace My Car's Transmission?

    A. While most vehicle owners instantly wince when they hear there is an issue with their car's transmission, many are relieved to find out that a transmission problem doesn't necessarily mean a great deal of money is required to solve it. In fact, there are a surprising number of issues that can be solved without the need to remove your transmission at all. In each case, our team of professional mechanics will perform a thorough evaluation to let you know what the best option for your car is going to be.

  • Q. Can I Still Drive With A Transmission Leak?

    A. If you have a transmission leak in your car or truck, we always recommend staying off of the road with your vehicle. Even the smallest transmission leaks can have a noticeable effect on the overall performance of your car, and it is best to have the leak fixed in as short a timeframe as possible.

  • Q. How Often Should I Have My Transmission Fluid Changed?

    A. For most vehicles, it is recommended that you have your transmission fluid completely changed every 3 years, or 36,000 miles. If your vehicle is a bit older, or you frequently use your vehicle to haul heavy loads or towing, you might require this particular service a bit more frequently.

  • Q. How Much Does Transmission Repair Cost?

    A. The short answer to this question is that it really depends on the scope of the issue we are trying to resolve. There are a number of different variables that can affect the overall price of transmission repairs, but with a professional inspection from one of our certified New Jersey mechanics, we can give you a thorough and accurate assessment of what the issue actually is, and give you an accurate price quote for your service before we actually begin work.

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